Travel and Bus Tours

May 24, 2022

Have you ever taken a bus tour, with a group of people to a popular tourist destination? Well I have, and I just got back. I really didn’t like the idea of traveling around on a bus at first, but let me tell you, it was a great experience. We had a lot of fun, which I for one, personally hardly ever do. I know the suspense is causing you a great deal of anxiety so I will get on with my story.

After much planning and work by the committee from the club my wife belongs to, snd coordination with rhe tour company we arrived at our departure point at 7:30 Am and were on the road for our destination by 8:00 Am. We were supposed to arrive at our destination by 9:30 Pm which was not a real pleasant thought for me. I do not like long rides, and was not looking forward to this one. The ride was not anything like I thought it would be. The trip was actually enjoyable. We were on a brand new bus which was very comfortable, in fact I would have to say it was the most comfortable bus I have ever been on. We didn’t drive any more than 1&½ to two hours with out a rest stop  for either a bathroom  break, or a restaurant break. We stopped for about two hours for supper which was included in the cost of the trip. Finally around 9:30 Pm we finally arrived at our destination. Our lodging was in one building of a two building complex with a small water park and swimming pool separating the buildings. There were a lot of young people in one building and the more mature adults were lodged in the other building. We were finally here. Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Day two of the trip started with a full breakfast included in the price of the tour. After breakfast we set off for the tour of breathtaking Smokey Mountains. Our guide on this tour was very knowledgeable and full of interesting tidbits about the Smokey Mountains and the surrounding area. After the tour we visited the tourist center/museum, to learn more about the area. Did you know that seeing black bears while being in the area is a commom occurrence? Well you do now. We were then left on our own to explore Gatlinburg, where I visited the Great Smokey Mountain Moonshine Distillery, and had a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants.If you do ever come to Gatlinburg, make sure you bring your I d. No matter how old you are or how old you look, you can’t get a drink without I d. They stick to that rule hard ! After experiencing the Gatlinburg scene, we went back to our hotel and got cleaned up for dinner and a show.  ( included )The show that night was the Americn Hit Parade. I was a great show and the performers did a great job. The audience was completely engaged in the show, and the energy coming from the stage was unbelievable.

Day three started with breakfast, and a show at one of the theaters. Another great show. It was called the Smith Morning Variety Show. The performers put on another great show. Just to let you know Gatlinburg was hit hard by the pandemic as well. The morning show was put on by three people. Their band never came back to work. This group didn’t need a band, because they were phenomenal without one. This day ran about a smooth as the day before except after lunch, instead of everyone going shopping we were given the opportunity to return to our hotel instead. That was a really good choice, because everyone who came back to the hotel went swimming or relaxed by the pool. That evening we went to another show, the sounds of Motown. It was another great show with outstanding performers and really great music.

Now we’re on to day four. I started the same was as day two and three. Another great show in the morning. It was put on by a person who has been there for twenty- two years and really puts on a great show. Day four was a day for three shows. After lunc we wnt to great magic show. Even the people who are not into magic enjoyed this show. We had another good dinner and went to the evening show. This show was country-western. Great music,great fun and a good time.

Day five, back on the bus for a relaxing ride back home. Was this ever a great trip, and if asked would I do it again. The answer is yes definitely. So if you are looking for a getaway, definately give this kind of tour a try. The cost was unbelievably low. The enjoyment was unbelievably high.