Tips for Traveling with Babies

March 13, 2022

Traveling along kids is a lot of work, and it can be stressful for mommy and baby. But there are several ways to make the process much easier.

  1. Before you go, make sure your child’s pediatrician says it’s okay to take them along.
  2. When packing for your plane trip, pack lightly; bring only what you need and stow everything else in checked luggage — including car seats and strollers (check this beforehand to make sure that they will transport them). With babies and children, it is most helpful to avoid check-in luggage if possible since these pieces of luggage can get lost or left behind as you go through airport security checkpoints.
  3. It is better if the baby does not wear bulky winter clothes. The child should have a lightweight hat to wear over their head if they are cold, but no scarf or gloves since these can be dangerous for the baby in case of turbulence or accidents.
  4. If you are bringing bottles, make sure to get enough formula, water, and utensils for your trip (usually at least 2 days).

Traveling By Boat

Be prepared for rough waters with an infant by purchasing medication that treats sea sickness or motion sickness. Also, pack plenty of snacks even though you might not be hungry yourself; this will give your little one something to do –and keep them happy!

Travel During Off-Peak Times Whenever Possible

Traveling when it is less busy will help reduce the stress for everyone. Wandering during cold months is usually not easy with little ones since the weather might be chilly or worse, icy and cold. Traveling from December to February may be a challenge for some, but not all, since if you are ready, you can make it work!

Traveling Long Distance By Car

If possible, break up your trip into separate days or overnight stays at hotels. If that’s not feasible, do what you can to keep the baby entertained and happy throughout the ride by playing music, reading books, and singing songs — bring a portable DVD player along with children’s movies to keep little ones occupied during those longer rides.

Keep in mind that babies can get tired easily, so if roving during the night, keep this in mind when planning stops for rest. If you are driving long distances, stop at times to let your little one stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Traveling long-distance will be a lot easier if you ask family or friends to take short turns driving for you since you can rest too!

Bring along a few toys of different shapes, colors, and sizes–to keep the baby from getting bored. If your little one is teething, bring them along a couple of favorite pacifiers or toys that feel them better when they are grumpy. While on the plane, feed your child as frequently as possible, but always have a bottle of water just in case they’re thirsty. If there is any medical emergency, make sure to keep the telephone number of the U.S. consulate or embassy with you at all times.