Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Gadget

March 10, 2022

How much energy do you spend on analysis before buying a new gadget? A week? Two weeks? Maybe even more? Well, what if I say to you that the first hour of research could save you money and headaches later on. That first hour can make or break your purchase decision. As it turns out, there are many things you need to know about gadgets before actually parting with your cash. And yes, some research will be needed but trust me when I say that this information is worth every second of your time. Let’s delve into the dark side of technology!

Do You Ever Demand The Latest And Greatest Gadget?

This is a difficult question. Sometimes we need to upgrade our gadgets (and not only because Apple tells us to), but other times it can be just an unnecessary bump in power that allows companies to convince consumers that they have spent their money wisely. So let’s say your iPhone 3 just stopped making phone calls, or there are some issues with its battery life. You go online and see that you could buy either an iPhone 5 or 4S just for its increased capability of speech calling! So you opt for the 4S because now it does voice calls better than your old phone, right? No. The truth is even if you were able to make phone calls with your 3, you still could have upgraded to an iPhone 5.

The 4S only offers the ability to do voice calling better than the 3 (which it does), but if that is not needed, why upgrade? And make no mistake about it; Apple wants you on their bandwagon. You are not the one deciding which gadget you will be getting on!

Apple often puts out its new products yearly like clockwork, there are plenty of other companies that need to be considered when trying to decide whether or not you need that new toy in your hand right now. I’m talking about Samsung, HTC, and Motorola, which put out up-to-date smartphones every six months. While some companies will force you to update your phone every year, some companies do it only every two years. So is this good or bad? Well, it’s up to you to pick if you need a new device just because the company says so. And before rushing towards the store, ask yourself if your current gadget is broken or not working correctly. Do you need a replacement instead of paying someone to repair it?

Some companies force you to update your gadget, there are also a few that will allow you to use your old device. Take Nokia, for example. It’s the only company that still offers support for its Windows powered Lumia 800 and 710 models! Your other options would be going with either Android or iOS, but if neither of them works out, then at least you still have one more alternative in case things go south.

But what about gadgets like TV sets? Aren’t they updated every two years or so? Well, actually no, because it is not an issue of technological advancement, and let’s be honest here; there has been little advancement in TV tech.