Spring Is Here and so Is March Madness

April 26, 2022

Now that all of the partying and parades that accompany Saint Patrick’s Day are over, everyone is looking for spring and March madness among other things. Trout fishing season is coming up soon, and many are getting their fishing rods etc. ready for the season. People are already getting their boats ready for the water.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Warmer weather, longer daylight hours and of course the crazy March madness are here. Have you filled out your brackets yet? I guess you probably have since games have already started and it would be too late to fill them out now. I love this time of the year not necessarily for the March madness, but for the wonderful things that start to happen. The grass is starting to turn green again, and flowers like daffodils and croakis are starting to pop up and show their beauty to the world. The best part or should I say my most favorite part is the weather. Even though it remains somewhat cold out, you can tell that the warm weather is on the way. I can take my dog out for longer walks after dinner without wanting to run right back in the house because of the snow or freezing weather. Getting out of the house and spending time outside is a great way to get rid of the winter doldrums from staying in the house all day every day. The Longer days helps with the depressing grey, cloudy days many people might experience. It may rain a lot, but at least it’s not cold and miserable. Of course, there are a lot of people that love the winter and the snow and cold, but not me.

We also know that the Easter holiday will arrive soon. The birds are coming back into the area, and you can hear them chirping when you wake up in the morning signaling that it is sure to be a great day. The trees are starting to get buds, and shrubs and other plant life are turning green. Blossoms on the trees and other plants come together to make a warm refreshing mural with all the colors of the rainbow. The bare trees and blackness of winter will soon come to an end, and you get a certain feeling in your heart of wellbeing and wonderment. It reminds me of that song Louis Armstrong sings “It’s a wonderful world.” With all of the troubles in the world the beauty of spring can really make you feel better and lift your heart. The kids are playing outside. Youth baseball and soccer is starting up. You just can’t beat this time of year. If you are stressed from work and other worries, you need to take time for yourself. Have a wonderful day please go out and enjoy the wonders of spring. If you can take only fifteen minutes to just go for a walk or sit in a park a lot of the stress and troubles won’t seem so awful.