Scams and Safety Issues When Traveling Abroad

October 25, 2021

Mexico is among my favorite places, but it can be dangerous for travelers even though foreigners make up to 1% of the population (CIA World Factbook). The general safety issues in Mexico include violent crimes such as kidnappings, robberies, and drug wars. Travelers can lower these risks by leaving behind their possessions before they travel to Mexico. They must be especially wary of thieves—some Mexicans will even follow travelers from the airport to steal luggage or other items (U.S. Department of State Travel Warning).

Theft is not the only risk for voyagers staying in Mexico. Travelers can fall victim to scam artists, where they are asked for money or their belongings. They should pay attention to signs advertising these cons, so they do not become victims themselves. One should take steps before arriving in Mexico to avoid being scammed.

Special Warnings from US Department of State Travel

In view of the U.S. Department of State Travel Warning, Travelers should only carry the amount of money they need during their trip to Mexico. Travelers should not bring extra credit cards or large amounts of cash to avoid being a victim of a robbery (U.S. Department of State Travel Warning). Rovers should keep all bags containing money and documents in sight at all times.

Travelers staying in popular tourist areas should avoid wearing expensive jewelry and carrying large amounts of cash. Tourists should not wear flashy clothes or carry an excessive amount of electronic equipment (U.S. Department of State Travel Warning). Travelers should be aware that wallets and passports can easily disappear in crowded places, so they should keep these important documents safe at all times. Tourists should remember not to bring anything unnecessary with them on their trip. They might be tempted to take items because they are attracted to the beauty of Mexican culture. Still, the risk of becoming a victim may outweigh any joy that comes from taking these souvenirs (U.S. Department of State Travel Warning).

Traveling throughout Mexico can be fun, but it requires attention. Travelers should take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime. They can reduce their risks by increasing their awareness and not staying in one place for too long. They should also pay attention to the health information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before they go on trips. Travelers should do their research on the places they plan to visit before departing. They can learn about safety issues and scams by checking out security alerts from the Department of State Travel Warning. By taking some time off, Nomads will have a fantastic experience in Mexico without worrying about becoming victims of crime.

Some Tips to Help You Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Be aware of your whereabouts, don’t take risks, and ask for assistance if needed. If something feels off or wrong, trust yourself and go with it! Also, remind that the most important thing is not what happens but how you respond to it, so be optimistic about whatever may occur on your trip because there are always ways around anything. The most important thing is following safety precautions to avoid being a victim of any scam or accident while overseas.