March 10, 2022

When talking about outdoor sports there is a lot of things to cover, and It is a huge topic There are many different kinds of outdoor sports. For instance you have the many team sports like football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and basketball just to name a few. Some of the other outdoor sports include Hunting, Fishing, and Golf. All of these sports require certain types of equipment and clothing as you probably already know.

An example of this might be hunting. I bring this up because it is hunting season now where I live. In my part of the country this is a big deal, and they even close the schools on the first Monday of Deer Season. For about two months before it starts, hunters are tracking deer, and putting up trail cameras to see what deer are in the area. Then they are out putting up tree stands to hunt from. The tree stands cane either be purchased ready made from metal, or they can be built from wood which is what many hunters prefer. Either way money is spent on these items. Starting about three to four weeks before the season starts, sporting goods stores start to become very busy. Hunters are buying everything imaginable to use for hunting. Every hunter has his own technique and way they like to hunt. Some of the things sold during this time are Buck lore, which is usually urine taken from a female deer in rut. (Rut is the mating season for deer) Bows and arrows are necessary for archery. New rifles and bullets are huge sellers during this time of year also. Hunters need knives for cleaning and skinning animals. Don’t forget many of these hunters have cabins and camps so they are also buying food supplies to last about a week or so, and beer and alcohol are on the menu for the evenings. I’m not positive but I think chilly is the standard food at most hunting camps, because it is easily made and consumed. It is also filling and a comfort food. Other important items include warm clothing and florescent orange identifying you as a hunter and not a deer.

I haven’t been hunting for quite sometime because of the fear of possibly getting shot by a drunken or crazy hunter. The last time I went hunting I went with a couple of friends to a hunting place one friend knew quite well. We went to our spot while the sun was not up all the way. Not dark, because you are not allowed to hunt when it is still dark. Since my friend knew the area well, he took me and another friend to our spots. He had a stump picked out for me and told me to sit there and he will be back for me later, and took my friend to his spot. While sitting there looking around once the sun was up, I realized I was sitting on a stump in the middle of a circle like area with about ten other hunters sitting in tree stands all around me, with me in the center. For any f them to take a shot of a deer, they would have to shoot over around or near me. Not a very good feeling, and I couldn’t leave that spot because I was unfamiliar with the area, and didn’t know where to go. As the day went on a deer crossed my path and I took a shot and hit the deer, but he kept going. I got off my stump and started to follow his trail, and when I came upon him, I raised my rifle, and just as I did, two other hunters shot at the same time and of course both wanted to claim the deer as theirs. One of them shot right over my head from a tree stand. The deer was already down when I came upon him and they still shot him. I decided then that I may not want to go deer hunting anymore. I am an expert shot so to prove I can shoot a deer is not important to me, and since I don’t need the meat, I felt it was not worth it to hunt any more. One major item you definitely don’t want to forget is your hunting license. Good luck on your hunting season this year.