How to Choose A Gadget For Your Wellness

March 9, 2022

Today is the age of gadgets. If you stay current with new technological advances, you know that there are many options. In each article that I’ve written about the latest gadgets, I’ve included a disclaimer at the end to not buy something based on my recommendation alone. It’s really important to do your own research before spending money on anything.

Tips for Researching How To Properly Use A Gadget For Wellness

When looking up reviews of products, make sure they are from trusted sources. Many reviewers may be getting freebies or compensation of some kind in exchange for their reviews. This doesn’t necessarily mean their reviews aren’t valid, but it can skew how useful they are to you specifically. Find bloggers who you respect and trust.

Trusted Sources to Consider For Product Reviews

For this article, I will be reviewing “The Bodi-Temp Plus,” which is a thermometer to use to take your temperature rectally (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds). Here is an example review of the product:

  • “I bought this because my fiancee was sick with 102 fever, and I wanted an easy way to take his temp without waking him up too much. It worked very well! The greatest drawback is that only one person at a time can use it.” – Col S. (name changed)

As you can see, the review is pretty basic and doesn’t provide much information. However, it tells us that Col used the product on his fiancee and was happy with its results. Just because we’re not given an explicit “yes” or “no” answer to whether we should buy this product, this review does leave some potential buyers feeling confident in their purchase decision (or at least more confident than they would be without any reviews).

Read enough product reviews, and it may seem like everyone has tried every single gadget out there. This is likely not the case; however, I’ve found that most people who have purchased products tend to leave reviews. The majority of these are positive simply because most people are happy with their purchases, and they aren’t always leaving negative reviews.

I would say that the negatives outweigh the positives for this particular product. Here are some of the disadvantages as written in different product reviews:

  • “These kinds of thermometers can be inaccurate.” – Spencer (score: 3 out of 5)
  • “It is not even easy to push it inside; I wonder what will happen if my child has a high fever?” – Emily (score: 1 out of 5)
  • There’s also mention of a lack of instructions and laborious cleanup. Not good signs.

In general, giving something a 1 out of 5 stars means it’s terrible, and anything over 3 stars is good. In other words, if any product has a 4-star rating overall, it’s 50/50 whether or not you want to try it out or not (again, this may not be the case for concretes – research them on your own). 1/2 a star can also mean something isn’t worth buying. It may also tell that “most” people found the product dissatisfactory, but some did find relief from their ailments.

We hope that the helpful tips contributed will help you find better ways of keeping up with your health and well-being.