Are you planning a vacation this year??

March 16, 2022

If you are like many of us who haven’t been on a vacation for a long time because of the pandemic, you might be getting a little cabin crazy, and just can’t wait to get out and go somewhere different. This might be a good year to plan a vacation. Many vacation destinations have been hurt by the pandemic and you might be able to find some really good deals out there. You might also find many good deals on airline travel as well.

There are many great vacation spots that have been hurt by the pandemic, along with many businesses located at the vacation spots. Maybe you have noticed businesses in your own town that have been really hurt by the pandemic. Restaurants, bars, hotels etc. are hurt not only by lack of customers, but also by lack of employees. If you don’t have any one to serve your customers, you won’t have any customers to serve. It is a big problem, especially in tourist destinations. We went to a spot in Florida this year, and could not get into any restaurants to eat, because they had no staff. The average wait time for restaurants was between four and six hours, and none were taking any reservations. No one wants to wait that long, especially while you are on vacation. It wastes your whole day. The establishments that were letting customers in weren’t making a lot of money either, because of the lack of help. If you have a place that seats 150 people, but you only have the staff to serve about 20 people at a time, you can see what that will do to your bottom line. We went out one day around 4:30 Pm thinking maybe if we get an early start we wouldn’t have to wait too long to get in and eat. After visiting about five places and being turned down because of the long lines and no help, we decided to try a couple of chain restaurants. When we went in we were told there would be a four to six hour wait even there. When we saw that the places were three quarters empty, we asked why, and were told they had no staff to serve us. Since we were hungry we decided to go to a local grocery store and go back to our condo to eat. Guess what? The store shelves were virtually empty. There was some food, but nothing substantial. They were even low on the usual junk food selection. With all this being said this year can only be better. I would assume that some prices will be a lot higher, but to make up for lost revenue from this past year others may be a lot lower. I’m not an economist so I could be completely wrong in my thinking. Something has got to give. Our economy is already in bad shape, and if some adjustments aren’t made, well you can only imagine what will happen.

If you watch the news media, you may not want to leave your own home town and go somewhere that you are not familiar with. In many U.S. cities now, violent crime is running rampant. Stores are being robbed, and people are being shot in muggings etc. It seems like we are living in a movie come to life. Prosecutors are not taking anyone to trial unless they are caught stealing over $950.00 in goods and killing someone in the process. I just don’t understand it.

Some travel destinations however; don’t seem to have these problems. European destinations and ocean cruises have become more affordable, and might be the way to go. I don’t know if you will run into the same problems on these vacations or not. I’m sure if you speak with travel agents, they will probably not tell you of any problems with the destinations they are promoting, but you never know. Well good luck on your travel plans this year. I hope this has been a little bit of help with your planning, and please look for more information on this page in the weeks and months to come.